VoIP | Save with VoIP. Clear calls, pure per-second billing and free branch-to-branch calls

iHost Domain VoIP transports your telephone calls over the Internet, instead of using the traditional telephone landlines. iHost Domain Internet prioritises the Voice over Internet Protocol specifically for iHost Domain VoIP, to ensure crystal clear phone calls between you and your customer, as well as free inter branch calls between you, your branches and your business staff.

  • Per-second billing bundles
  • On net calls are free (iHost Domain VoIP to iHost Domain VoIP)
  • Inter-branch calls are free (iHost Domain VoIP to iHost Domain VoIP)
  • One telephone number will ring at multiple branches
  • Flexible iHost Domain VoIP lines – add multiple channels or telephone numbers
  • Easy to change and upgrade
  • Excellent prices to all cellular companies
  • Unused funds included in the bundle are carried over to the next month (for a maximum of 3 months)

More Information

iHost Domain VoIP is not reliant on landline installations, cutting out the aggravation of dealing with traditional land based telecom companies. With no physical landline installation, setting up iHost Domain VoIP can be done as quickly as you have a Jenny Internet connection.

This gives you, the business owner, the possibility to grow your business and internal telephone network at a faster pace, without having the hassle of applying for additional lines. Set up your iHost Domain VoIP according to your business telecommunication needs.

What is VoIP?

How Voice over IP (VoIP) works is a mystery to some small business owners and employees but if you understand how it works, you can more easily use the technology to your company’s advantage. Watch the short video below to find out more.